The Sustainability Faculty Fellowship is an award program that supports Florida A&M University faculty in making outstanding research, teaching or service contributions to the University and beyond in the area of sustainability. Faculty fellows are engaged in high impact, transformative research at the nexus of environmental, social and economic resilience.

The program promotes interdisciplinary collaborations and sustainability scholarship by providing teaching release time, research seed money and opportunities to engage with a broad, interdisciplinary audience on and off campus. In turn, Faculty Fellows increase productivity, position themselves for significant external funding, while also supporting the goals of the SI; to advance the research and application of innovations that support the long term health and viability of people and the planet.

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Randall Abate, JD

Professor Abate teaches courses in environmental law, international and comparative law, and constitutional law.  Professor Abate joined the FAMU College of Law faculty in 2009 with fifteen years of full-time law teaching experience

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Ashvini Chauhan, PhD

Ashvini Chauhan, PhD is an associate professor in the School of Environment. He teaches and researches in the areas of algal biofuels, microbial technologies and bio-enabled remediation.

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Olivier Chamel, RA, LEED AP

Olivier Chamel is an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture and Engineering Technology (SA+ET) at Florida A&M University with a focus in areas such as design/build, furniture design and sustainable architecture.

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Roscoe Hightower, PhD

RoscoeHightowerRoscoe Hightower, Jr. is the Centennial Eminent Scholar Professor and Chair of Marketing and Facility Management at Florida A&M University's (FAMU) School of Business and Industry (SBI). Dr. Hightower’s research areas include environmental sustainability in real estate marketing and user attitudes toward the built environment.

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Ramesh Katam, PhD

RameshKatamRamesh Katam is a professor of Biological Sciences in the College of Science and Technology with a background and training in molecular biology and biotechnology. His research focuses on the tolerance mechanism for biotic and abiotic stresses in peanuts and grapes.

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Sustainability @ FAMU

Sustainability at Florida A&M University is about the teaching, research and application of environmental and resource stewardship so people and planet prosper. The Sustainability Institute serves as the hub of all sustainability-related efforts at the university, bringing students, staff, faculty and the community together around creative collaborations.

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