As we continue to build a 21st century institution, our intellectual pursuits, our operations and our leadership will be marked by a deep integration of sustainability.- President Elmira Mangum.


Sustainability is a strategy for the collective survival of people, organizations, and the planet. At Florida A&M, we are striving to advance the teaching, research, engagement and application of socio-economic, ecological and technological innovations that maintain the long term health and viability of the campus, regional and global communities. 

Now, more than ever before, colleges and university presidents across the nation are wrestling with affordability, accountability, workforce preparation and relevance against a backdrop of dwindling resources and rising operational costs. Globally, business and communities face similar challenges, all while subject to a rapidly changing natural environment with more frequent and devastating environmental events (pollution, flooding, and energy, water and food shortages). Institutions of higher learning have a critical role to play in preparing society to adapt to impacts of climate change and environmental catastrophes and have the unique opportunity to model solutions in their own operations.

We envision Florida A&M as a model, living laboratory of state-of-the-art technologies and learning experiences that promote resource stewardship and generates solutions to the regional and global issues of environmental, food, energy, water and infrastructure insecurity. We believe that being responsible stewards of our natural and human resources also is profitable, for organizations and for society as a whole. This triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) guides everything we do and has been a guiding force since our designation as a Land-Grant institution in 1890.

About the Institute

The Sustainability Institute (SI) is a presidential initiative, established in 2014 to be a hub for the many sustainability-related activities on campus and to advance the university's mission to be a leader in sustainability research, teaching and service. The SI focuses on the following core areas:

  • Accelerating creative interdisciplinary research and teaching collaborations through co-sponsorships and capacity building,
  • Promoting efficiencies and resource stewardship in campus operations in partnership with administrative units, and
  • Engaging the University and broader community through service learning and outreach activities.

We invite you to invest in the future of FAMU by giving to the Sustainability initiative. Find out more here.

Sustainability @ FAMU

Sustainability at Florida A&M University is about the teaching, research and application of environmental and resource stewardship so people and planet prosper. The Sustainability Institute serves as the hub of all sustainability-related efforts at the university, bringing students, staff, faculty and the community together around creative collaborations.

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