Students in nearly every discipline at FAMU have an opportunity to learn about the concepts and principles of sustainability infused within their curriculum. Several departments offer courses focused on sustainability while others expose students to the systems thinking approach of balancing social, economic and ecological priorities within their respective disciplines.

Below are a small sample of current offerings at FAMU. Check out the Sustainability Course Inventory (link also on the left side) for the current course offerings which continues to grow. Courses are self identified by faculty and reviewed by the Sustainability Institute for inclusion in the inventory. Faculty are invited to suggest a course for inclusion by submiting this form.


A Sustainability Degree Program allows students to study sustainability as an integrated, systems concept, examining its social, economic, and environmental dimensions. The courses required for the successful completion of the program educate students about how different dimensions of sustainability relate to and support each other in theory and practice.

A Sustainability-Focused course either concentrates on the concept of sustainability, including its environmental, social and economic dimensions (overlap of the 3 pillars), or examines an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.

A Sustainability-Related course is primarily focused on a topic other than sustainability, but incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activities, or integrates sustainability issues throughout the course.

  • Community Psychology: contains a sustainable community development module and final project


Sustainability @ FAMU

Sustainability at Florida A&M University is about the teaching, research and application of environmental and resource stewardship so people and planet prosper. The Sustainability Institute serves as the hub of all sustainability-related efforts at the university, bringing students, staff, faculty and the community together around creative collaborations.

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