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FAMU students are actively and enthusiastically engaged in taking sustainability principles out of the classroom into their campus and communities. The Sustainability Institute, through generous donations from private and corporate sponsors, offers mini grants for student groups to implement their project ideas that demonstrate sustainability in action.

greenco workday1GreenCo Park, located between Lee and Jackson Davis Hall, is the brainchild of members of the Green Coalition student club, designed by FAMU landscape architect alumnus and constructed with over 100 students and staff who volunteered their labor of love.  The park offers students a quiet place to pause from their busy lives to connect to nature. The garden features native plants that are well adapted to the local environment and that should thrive with minimal water consumption, making the garden a true expression of sustainability as well as beauty. More than a hundred volunteers, including members of the Green Coalition and the Royal Court, students and staff from many departments, and community members worked November 8 and 15 to remove dead plants, dig holes, create pathways, and plant flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses.


chuck-talesIt takes a big heart to give back to the community, and that’s just what Recycle with Love group is doing. This campaign seeks to challenge a culture of consumption will be collecting donated shoes from the campus community to donate to those in need. The campaign’s “Chuck Tales” logo centers on requested donations of Chuck Taylor Converse shoes; however, other gently used shoes are also being collected. There will be collection bins placed around campus to start collecting the shoes and a marketing campaign to raise awareness. The first collection and design event took place during the 2015 Earth Day festival on the quad. The collected shoes are being given to Big Bend Homeless Coalition and Big Brothers Big Sisters.




prefab pavillion4The Prefab Solar pavilion was conceived as a hands-on learning project aimed at teaching students how to build a full scale structure and in the process help raise awareness about energy efficiency and alternative sources of power. The structure was built by students from different classes allowing both undergrad and grad students to participate as they learned about team work and sustainable design. The project was an integral part of a Materials and Methods course offered to third-year students at Florida A&M University School of Architecture and Engineering Technology (SA+ET), and presented an opportunity for students to test and apply the knowledge acquired during the course in the form of a design exercise.


communitygarden workday

The FAMU Student Community Garden club are planting seeds of inspiration into young minds. The club plans to complete two vital projects to their mission, one of which is fully underway. Their first project will be to create the DRS School Garden and Composting. So far they’ve constructed garden boxes and compost bins, and are planning a plant and field day for the students. The group plans on collecting compost in the cafeteria and teaching students about the benefit of composting, and will install a water spigot. The second project also plans to improve the student run garden plot on FAMU's Community Garden on Orange Ave.

bikeclubThe Bike and Cycling Club is rolling along with their mission to increase awareness and participation of cycling on and off campus. They  plan to increase the number of bikes available for students to rent-and-ride on campus. The mini grant helped pay for 5 new mountain bikes and associated gear, as well as CPR and First Aid courses for lead bikers. The club will also be designing decals to brand the gear specific to FAMU, promoting rattler spirit as riders travel across campus.



indoor garden1Students in the School of Architecture wanted to reclaim and unused space in their airy building and bring a little bit of the beauty of the outdoors, indoors.  Only a one month after it was installed, this indoor organic garden is yielding vegetables and flowers were planted the garden is thriving and is already producing fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and strawberries. The project was driven by students and completed by members of the FAMU’s green Coalition.


solargolfcartThe days of plugging in your Golf Cart are over as the Solar Rechargeable Golf Cart team is converting a conventional golf cart from outlet powered to solar powered, using battery banks to store charge. The team consists of engineering technology students who have a vision to demonstrate the potential for renewable energy to propel many vehicles across campus in the future. Look out for this cool ride at the Engineering Technology department and around campus events.

Sustainability @ FAMU

Sustainability at Florida A&M University is about the teaching, research and application of environmental and resource stewardship so people and planet prosper. The Sustainability Institute serves as the hub of all sustainability-related efforts at the university, bringing students, staff, faculty and the community together around creative collaborations.

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