“Unity in Recycling” is the Goal for Student Recycling Coordinator

Dominique Dantley has been environmentally conscious since his childhood, spent growing up in Ft. Myers, Florida. He believes that taking care of our surroundings is a necessary part of living a good life, both for current generations and future ones. A creative and passionate advocate for recycling and sustainability broadly, Dominique has found a perfect niche on the FAMU campus, working as the lead recycling intern for FAMU’s budding recycling program.

A senior who is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Affairs, Mr. Dantley is pleased about the eagerness of students, staff, and faculty to recycle and just wants to see the interest continue to snowball.

Campus recycling picked up steam last spring with the opening of a small recycling center off Gamble Street. Efforts now are focused on collection of office paper, cardboard, and plastic, with future goals to increase amounts of those items as well as expand collection of aluminum and possibly glass. Recently, a large roll-off bin was installed to enhance opportunities for collection of cardboard, a valuable item.

As the recycling coordinator, Dominique makes sure recycling bins are properly placed and maintained and that the marketable paper, plastic, and cardboard are sorted and prepared for sale to a local buyer of recyclables. He coordinates with the other student recycling interns to keep up with the growing number of recycling containers around campus. He also conducts regular brainstorming sessions with the other interns to come up with fresh ideas to encourage wider participation.

dantley and PhylesiaA recent campaign targeted at FAMU Village invited students to “Adopt a Smurf,” which is Dominique’s nickname for the blue 3-gallon containers that are now in almost every dorm room at FAMU Village. The campaign has taken hold with students, who routinely help out by taking their filled bins to the campus Recycling Center off Gamble Street, conveniently located across the street from FAMU Village.

The start-up recycling program is less than a year old and operates on a lean budget and limited schedule. However, with the dedication and enthusiasm of campus champions including students like Dominique and the other dedicated recycling interns, the future of recycling on campus is very bright.

“Unity in recycling is necessary,” he says. “It has to be a campus effort—it can’t just be some individuals and departments.” Dominique is hopeful that the recycling effort will continue to gather greater volumes of materials and to handle a wider variety of items. He invites campus members with questions about recycling to contact FAMU Recycling at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to call 599-3442. Students who want to gain volunteer hours assisting in recycling can sign up to in various capacities, including working at sporting events.

For more information about FAMU recycling, which is operated by FAMU’s Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) department click here.






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